What is CBD Used to Treat?

CBD has been shown to affect multiple parts of the body, because of this it is often cited as a supplementary treatment for any of the following ailments:

Motor disorders
Nicotine addiction
Parkinson’s Disease
Chronic and neuropathic pain
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Various pediatric conditions

How can CBD affect so many areas of the body?
Since the endocannabinoid system is so vast and affects so many different parts of the body, it is often capable of treating and stimulating positive reactions in each of those areas.

While this is great in regards to having a wonder medicine capable of helping with almost any ailment, as of right now it is the jack of all trades and master of none.
Since it affects so many areas, there is no unified push to explore just how much CBD can positively affect a single thing. Instead of we have small studies for every one of these diseases and how they are positively affected by CBD.

But with these small milestones comes small advances on every front. While that makes us optimistic for a future where we have thoroughly explored all of the possible ways CBD can enrich our lives, in the meantime it seems as though progress is at a snail's pace.

This also doesn't inspire confidence in people who are skeptics about the efficacy of CBD on the body.  Since it seems like every few months there is a newer small study on how CBD affects an area; it begins to plant the seed of criticism in the very nature of these studies themselves. If you want to know more about just how far CBD has come and how long these studies have been undertaken, click here to learn more! The Beginning of the CBD Movement

One of the most popular criticisms of CBD is that how can one thing affect so many areas. Well, the fact is that since it affects so many areas, it is a great additive to a dietary or medicine regiment for ailments
affecting you. But as of right now, it is not a dominant medicine for any singular problem. In fact, only recently have they been a smart push for ingestible CBD such as oils and pills, if you want to learn more

about whole plant medicine click here!