Whole Plant Medicine

Whole Plant Medicine is a concept that is being pushed as of late to emphasize the importance of both THC and CBD for medicinal purposes. While it is clear that there are a yin and yang effect to THC and CBD regarding psychoactive and non-psychoactive properties, there is strong evidence hinting that using both in unison supersedes using just one in even amounts. This is due to the Entourage effect.

The Entourage Effect
The Entourage Effect covers the concept that THC and CBD should be used in unison for optimal effects of both compounds.

Instead of only using CBD or only using THC, using lopsided amounts could create an overall more effective and therapeutic effect on the body. For example, in Colorado, most strains you buy on the market will never be 50-50 and also never be 100-0 because it's always good to strike a balance.

Additionally, drugs are being pushed out there like Sativa, which is a blend of THC and CBD. The two working in unison is better at managing symptoms for Multiple Sclerosis than CBD or THC working alone.

How long Must we Wait?
Unfortunately, we cannot use THC and CBD in our products yet because these are not approved for mass market appeal. While limited areas in America can use and play with striking different balances, we currently aren't there yet for nationwide shipments.

We advocate for whole plant medicine and utilizing the entourage effect for better medicines.

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